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作者:Aira Jelleane Pacquiao和Rikki Belle Tayo

去年6月27日, 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding and Contract of Engagement Signing Ceremony was held at the AVR 1 Old 图书馆 Building in TG体育ateneo de Cagayan (TG体育官网-ADC) and was live streamed via zoom for participants whose locations are not in Cagayan de Oro  to officially forge the partnership between the TG体育 through the National Service Training Program (TG体育官网-NSTP) and its partner institutions within the City of Cagayan de Oro.

Present at the event were the partner institutions: TG体育 初中 (TG体育官网JHS), TG体育高中(TG体育官网SHS), TG体育 Community Credit Cooperative (TG体育官网CCCO), Arrupe教育中心, Human Rights Violation Victim's Memorial Commission, Department of Trade and Industry Misamis Oriental (DTI-MisOr), Department of the Interior and Local Government Region X (DILG-MisOR.), Balay Alternative Legal Advocates for Development (BALAOD) Mindanaw, City Government-Empowered Volunteers Opportunities (EVO), City Local Environment and Natural 资源 Office (CLENRO), 现场直播的是, 和平队, 国际创新中心, Transformation and and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov), Inc, 菲律宾气候正义运动, and Human Rights Victims’ Violation Memorial Commission (HRVVMC). 此次活动因詹宁斯女士的出席而增色不少. 艾琳恩典. Guitate the Vice President for Mission and 部, Fr. Mars P. Tan, SJ the 大学校长 and the former City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno. 在莫雷诺市长的领导下, TG体育官网-NSTP was able to conduct various societal engagements that involved different institutions and organizations in the city and benefited multiple stakeholders. 


在仪式上, 两(2)的学生, 丽琪·贝尔·塔约和帕梅拉·巴迪亚, testified about the Ignatian Year Project and Consumer Education Advocacy conducted in the School Year 2021–2022. The Ignatian Year Project focused on facilitating the TG体育官网JHS learners not only about the Ignatian Values and Principles but also how to understand and live out their mission and identity in serving the country. The Consumer Education Advocacy helped prepare the students and participants to make informed decisions regarding purchasing products in a consumer culture. TG体育官网-NSTP endeavors to mold its students to achieve excellence, 能力和同情心,尽管有大流行病. Mr. 卡梅隆维克多一. Cristanto from the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission also had an opportunity to speak about the partnership of NSTP and HRVVMC of how this partnership will help memorialize a part of our country’s history, 尤其是11,103 human rights victims from 1972-1986 hoping that these archives will help educate the young people of our past.

These programs assisted students and the younger generation in broadening their perspectives on their roles and responsibilities in nation-building and preparing them to make informed decisions. The agreement broaden the scope of TG体育官网-NSTP's advocacy in raising awareness about societal issues and encouraging youth to take an active role in nation-building. 与, TG体育官网-NSTP did not only concentrate on teaching the students to develop their physical, moral, 精神上的, intelectual, 和社会福利, but they also involved them in various advocacies online. It did not only benefit the participants but more so the First Year college students encountered a new challenge that led them to grow and develop their capabilities as responsible citizens. 

The agreement aims to mobilize communities primarily by providing the people with the necessary knowledge and skills, 他们可以用什么来改善他们的社区. The students will make contributions to barangay development by carrying out their designated programs, 项目, 并在合作伙伴的指导下倡导. The partnership aims to demonstrate to the students that by working with each other, 一个社区可以完成伟大的事情, 导致了它的进步.