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大学图书馆通过为学生和教师提供学术工作所需的材料来支持大学的教学和研究计划. 此外,TG体育官网还为大学社区提供娱乐阅读材料. 大学图书馆是全国最大的图书馆之一. 它可以无线上网, 互联网实验室, 它的系统包括14个图书馆和部门.

  • 图书馆:管理和会计, Current Books Collection; Agriculture; Engineering; Nursing; Computer Studies; CIT Manresa; Audio Visual Collection; Reserved Collection; General Works Collection
  • Professional Libraries: Law Program; Medical; Graduate Studies
  • Special Collections: 研究 and Social Outreach Collection; American Corner Collection; Fr Miguel Bernad SJ Memorabilia Collection; Judge Ernesto Melferrari’s Collection; Xavieriana Collection; Thesis & Dissertation; Filipiniana and Serials Collection; Education USA Center; World Bank Knowledge Development Center 
  • 设施:安静区-安静学习区(二楼附件 & Main Bldg); Discussion Room (5th Floor Annex Building); Internet Laboratory; Audio Visual Room 1; Audio Visual Room-CIT Manresa; Conference Room; AC Lecture Room