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NOTE: Students who are eligible for re-enrollment and who do not enroll this semester, for any reason, should apply for a leave of absence within the month of July 2022. The failure to timely apply for a leave of absence will result to the forfeiture of your eligibility to re-enroll.


                  2022-2023学年第一学期, TG体育官网 Law将在线授课和考试. 本学期不会有面对面的课程. 

                  将于2022年9月重新评估, however, to determine if in-person classes can be held by the SECOND SEMESTER of this academic year. All students will be informed which modality will be used for the second semester at least a month before the classes start.  But you have to be prepared for the possibility that all classes will be held in-person by the second semester. 

                    Due to the possibility that TG体育官网 Law will have in-person classes by the 2nd semester of AY2022-2023, 只有接种过疫苗的学生才可以入学. You will be required to upload your vaccine card, with photo, issued by the LGU. Please take note that submission of a fake vaccine card will lead to forfeiture of admission.


I. Self-Evaluation and Payment of (A) Tuition Fee and (B) TG体育 – Association of Law Students (TG体育官网-ALS) Fee

Please take note that you can only proceed to paying the down payment for (A) Tuition Fee and (B) TG体育官网-ALS Fee if you receive a “Readmission E-mail,或者基于你诚实和负责任的评估, 你的学术地位很好.

(一)学费首期付款 PHP 3,000; and

(B)  TG体育 – Association of Law Students (TG体育官网-ALS) fee of 针对高年级学生的PHP 1550

The Law admin is not responsible for any inconvenience brought by a refund request in case you paid the fees in bad faith.






1. 预付定金 Php 3,000.00 over-the-counter or through the Payment Centers listed in the TG体育 web site / payment-centers-finance

Note: Do not use any other TG体育官网 account as it may not be credited to tuition balances

Please also take note of the following discounts available:

● Family Discounts on tuition (available upon submission of required form). 详情可点击以下链接: / finance-family-discount.

● Cash discount of 3% if tuition and all other fees are paid in full (available only until 1 month after start of classes): Details are found on this link / payment-guidelines.


2. For estimated assessment of the tuition fee, please click this link:


(B) TG体育 – Association of Law Students (TG体育官网-ALS) Fee.


1. Amount to pay:

PHP 1,550 学长(详情请按此处:


2. 按以下步骤付款:

a. 选择一个支付渠道支付你的渐冻人症费用. You can pay via:

i. GCash
ii. BPI Bank Transfer

b. Please refer to this link for the account details of the payment channels: 

c. 支付准确的金额(PHP 1,550) through any of the payment channels and take a screenshot or photo of the payment confirmation showing either the confirmation number or the reference number.

d. 完成后,单击此链接  正确回答表格. Please make sure to attach the screenshot or photo of the payment confirmation (image file or pdf) when answering the form.

关于渐冻症,请发邮件 此电子邮件地址被保护免受垃圾邮件程序. 您需要启用JavaScript才能查看它..


II. 注册和提交付款证明

Register through the links below and submit proof of payment. 这将使用谷歌表单,您将需要您的 TG体育官网 email to access.

●      Upperclassmen/ Returnees /Refreshers enrolling for the 1st Semester:



Please note that it may take two to three days for payments to be verified and confirmed.


III. SLMIS Term Activation 

After your payments are verified and confirmed, your SLMIS account will be activated for the term. Should you have questions relating to your SLMIS account, please email: 此电子邮件地址被保护免受垃圾邮件程序. 您需要启用JavaScript才能查看它.



IV. Assignment of Block

Once your SLMIS account is activated, the Law department will assign you to a block. Please wait for the TG体育官网-ALS to disseminate the block assignments.


V. 在线自选科目

Please self-enroll your subjects according to the block assigned to you.

最小允许数量为12 (12). 请参阅这里的课程:

Double check your entries of enrolled subjects, and then finish the self-enrollment. 


学生们被提醒他们签署的承诺: (1) only enroll the prescribed and approved courses and section during the self-service enrollment; and (2) get approval for any other course.  Any deviation will result to the Law Department removing or dropping courses that are not in the approved study load form.


VI. Check & verify your SLMIS account to see if you are officially enrolled.

Your enrollment is complete once you receive the verification in your SLMIS. 



注册注册通过这个链接 will close on 2022年7月23日,美国东部时间12:00.

Proper registration means you have successfully: a) filled out the online registration form and; b) paid both tuition and ALS fees.



July 14 – Fourth Year

7月15 - 16日第三年

July 18 – Second Year


For Refreshers - Please be ready with these requirements: (1) Transcript of Records and (2) transfer credentials / honorable dismissal (if last school attended is not TG体育官网).

7月20日- 23日-全年水平 

July 20 – 23 – Delayed registration and enrollment for all year levels/returnees and refreshers


Class sessions日期:2022年8月1日至2022年12月6日


Adding & Dropping of Subjects

添加主题/s只允许在 DELAYED ENROLLMENT period. 之后将不允许添加.

Dropping and withdrawal of subject/s may be done within the allowable period. 便于记录和跟踪, registrar’s office requires students to follow the instructions for Adding/ Dropping of subjects. 程序可以在这个链接中找到: 将收取必要的费用.


Law Office Schedule

办公时间为7月11-30日, 2022 is Monday - Friday from 9:00AM-12:00NN/1:00PM-6:00PM; and on Saturday from 8:00-12:00NN.


如有查询,请电邮至: 此电子邮件地址被保护免受垃圾邮件程序. 您需要启用JavaScript才能查看它. or 此电子邮件地址被保护免受垃圾邮件程序. 您需要启用JavaScript才能查看它.