Schoolscolleges2020 hed about aw


发展知识, skills, 态度需要一个坚实的和跨学科的艺术基础, sciences, and humanities; and apply these to solve problems, 思考并做出新的发现, 验证并扩展现有知识, 成为高效负责的专业人士.


教育头脑, hearts, 和为信仰服务的男男女女之手, promote justice, 与文化和宗教进行对话, 关心创造, our common home; while upholding the Ignatian values of magiscura personalis, finding-God-in-all-things.


为他人组成男人和女人, 谁具有深刻的领导和服务意识,其特点是对社会问题有敏锐的洞察力和具体的参与,并直接服务于社区, especially for the poor and those in the peripheries; working towards peace and justice for the inclusive and sustainable development of Mindanao, 菲律宾和国际社会.


To educate lifelong learners who will continue to equip themselves with competencies that will enable them to work and compete in other knowledge-based economies and societies; allow them to thrive in different countries with people of diverse cultures; empower them to successfully transition into global citizens and avail of opportunities to actively shape a just and peaceful world.